willie traywick

Growing up, there was always a guitar in the house. Willie's Dad would always hound him about playing.  ​He always begged Willie to take lessons, but he was never interested.  Most of Willie's free time was spent at the local dirt track.  Little did he know, his love for racing had a mistress...and she was that old guitar that just sat in his closet.  Willie went thru a hard time when his parents split up and that old guitar was his only comfort.  From that moment on, he started watching every Marty Schwartz tutorial he could find on YouTube.  At first he just played around the house and at local bon fires on weekends.  Willie still didn't take music serious until one night while out with his uncle for dinner.  Willie's uncle knew the artist on stage and they talked Willie into getting on stage with him for a couple songs. The adrenaline rush was that of winning a race and from then on Willie was hooked! 

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Even If It's A LieWillie Traywick
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Southern SkyWillie Traywick
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