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Have you ever wondered what your band might look like in perfect lighting? HWY 20 Entertainment's professional photographers will do just that. Whether you're looking for a simple promotional photo shoot or incredibly vivid show photos, our team will provide extensive knowledge and experience to your shoot. For more information or booking, contact



Lee Workman


Lee Workman is the owner & operator of workman reflections. Mr. Workman began his career in photography in 2010. His sole purpose in photography & only goal is to pinpoint that perfect moment that passes by without hesitation. That moment that can never be recreated, relived or experienced in the same way as it was the first time. He is determined to capture & maintain that priceless moment in an irreplaceable portrait to have, hold, reminisce & share for years & hand down to the generations that will follow. Just imagine owning that special memory & being able to embrace & enjoy it forever... right there in the palm of your hand. You chose to freeze that moment in time, now you possess your own little piece of history. Mr. Workman believes in capturing your special moment & opens the opportunity window to be the one to have the ability to experience memories in the making. Knowing that his passion & willpower was able to orchestrate an array of possibilities to unearth that perfect point in time & capture it, embedding the priceless memory of your loved one(s) into an image you can brag about forever. Mr. Workman feels a great sense of honor being the one you chose allowing him to partake in the task of discovering the hidden pieces, like puzzle pieces, of our personal timeless treasured memories that connect with our hearts. Every session is 100% guaranteed to be a wonderful experience. Mr. Workman understands that every moment it's valuable & precious to each of us, aiming for perfection every time. A session with Mr. Workman will be as memorable as capturing your memories in the making.

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