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Casey Thrasher: From American Hero to American Idol


American Idol alumnus Casey Thrasher already has a little name recognition, but the small-town country rocker has never let it go to his head. Remaining humble has been something Thrasher strives to do. His military background has allowed him to remain grounded in his roots, and continue to drive forward toward his goal of becoming a career musician.

While in the Army, Thrasher trained as a Signal and Communications specialist before being allowed to join the Army School of Music. He toured nationally with the Army band, and began writing music while travelling across the country.

Following an honorable discharge in 2011 from the U.S. Army, Thrasher returned to civilian life as a production worker, and continued to play music as a hobby. Music seemed to be the one constant in his life, and the small-town boy moved to Nashville, TN., to begin his pursuit of a musical career full time. A chance meeting with Keith Urban on the streets of Nashville left him with a piece of advice from the country music superstar: "You have to believe in yourself before you can truly convince anyone else to believe in your music."

That moment propelled Thrasher into an audition for American Idol in Tuscaloosa, AL., where he was chosen as a contestant and made it to live television as a part of the top 15 males on season 13. Despite being cut at that point, Thrasher used the motivation from the show to allow him to believe in himself and his music.

In 2015, Thrasher co-produced and released a self-titled album. The album is giving fans a chance to see into his life and show them a little about who Thrasher is as a person. Thrasher continues to play shows across the region, and is sure to give his fans a show they won’t soon forget.

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